Home Worship Service 2

    02.12.12 | Family Devotion by David Beaty

    An Outline for a Worship Service at Home # 2

    • Welcome and opening prayer.
    • Read aloud Psalm 95.
    • Sing a familiar hymn or worship song. Singing along with a CD works well for some people.
    • Pray for our nation and our church.
    • Read aloud Psalm 27.
    • Discussion:
      It is evident that King David wrote this Psalm during a time of great difficulty. (we see this in verses 2 and 3) Yet, the Psalm is a beautiful expression of faith in God. There is much here which we can apply to our lives in times of trial or suffering.
      How does David describe God’s faithfulness in verse 1?
      What is the one great desire which David has? (verse 4)
      How do you think such a focus on God might help you deal with difficulties in your life?
      Some people get discouraged and turn away from God in times of hardship. What does verse 8 indicate we should do?
      In verse 11, David prays, “Teach me your way, O Lord;” Why do you think this is such an important prayer for us when we go through hard times?
      What can we learn from the prayer found in verse 14? Turn to the New Testament and read James 1:2-3. What quality does God want to develop in us during times of trial?
    • Share how God has spoken to you through this part of His Word.
    • Take time to share any requests for prayer, and pray for one another.
    • Read 2 Corinthians 13:14 as a benediction.