ROCC Youth

Our goal is to glorify God and equip students to remain rooted in their faith.

We gather weekly on Sundays from 4-6pm for “ROCC Youth.” Here’s a flow of what students can expect on a Sunday afternoon during our youth service as they gather for Gospel-centered teaching, authentic worship and Christian community.
- 4:00pm - Students can arrive for this “hangout time” to connect and enjoy snacks and games like basketball, foosball, ping pong and spike ball.
- 4:30pm - ROCC Youth begins where middle and high school students meet in the gym for announcements, group games/mixers and worship.
- 5:00pm - High school students and middle school students have age-appropriate Scripture-based teachings from one of our pastors or vetted leaders. High schoolers break off from the middle schoolers and head to our Community Room for a lesson that is a deeper dive and more age-appropriate lessons that might center around a study on a certain book of the Bible for a month or so or a lesson on topical issues we try to equip students in ranging from things like how to study and understand the Bible, to dealing with relationships with parents and in dating, to hot-button issues like mental health and how Christians can respond to transgenderism. 
- 5:30pm - Students gather into small groups that are grouped by grade and gender. Our adult small group leaders help unpack the message further in group discussion and students share prayer requests.
- 6:00pm - Students are dismissed from small groups for pickup. Most students are picked up or leave every week by 6:15-:20ish.

In addition to our weekly service, we also offer Sunday school for middle school students and a communicants “Next Step” class for 6th grader during the 9:15 am service upstairs in our discipleship center. Students can take their faith to the next level by joining a d:Group (discipleship group). d:Groups meet throughout the week during the school year and cover various books of the Bible or topical studies.

In the summer time we offer Waffle Wednesdays where students can meet at church for free waffles and get a great Bible lesson as a mid-week reminder of how much Jesus loves them.

We also provide various day trips, retreats, and events throughout the year to help students connect in Christian Community, grow in their faith, and invite their un-churched friends to fun events! Please ensure you have a profile in Church Center to receive the regular communications from our youth pastors about upcoming trips and events!

ROCC Youth Vision Statement: 
Our student ministry is dedicated to creating authentic environments for students to connect with God in a powerful way to be fully equipped to step into life beyond our ministry.

We fulfill this by helping "pack the bags" of our students to better send them off into life beyond our ministry!

We want every student to have chances to hear the Gospel story and changes to respond to the Holy Spirit working in their life.
Personal Spiritual Disciplines
We want students to engage with God by reading His Word, have active prayer lives, to know how to engage in corporate worship, etc. We not only teach on spiritual disciplines but we also provide opportunities to occasionally make space for these disciplines to be practiced.
Biblical Understanding
We want students to be very familiar with the Bible, the books of the Bible, the characters of the Bible and how they are a part of God's story.
Willingness to Share Their Faith
It's okay for students who are new to the faith to consume church but at some point we want every student to be ready and prepared to share the hope they have with their friends, family, and peers! We believe that having a heart for evangelism is the best next step to take!
A Need for Christian Community
We want students to know that watching a sermon online is good and listening to a podcast can help them grow but that there is something special that happens when God's people meet together. We try to instill in our students that they must seek out a church and/or campus ministry to find believers who can spur them onward in their faith once they head off to college!


What to Expect

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At ROCC Youth, students experience Gospel-centered teaching and authentic worship.

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ROCC Youth Events

Check out River Oaks Church Center for information on all ROCC Youth events, including trips and events outside our weekly schedule that require registration.


Next Steps Class


The Next Steps Class is offered on Sunday mornings during the 9:15am worship service through the school year. It is designed to help Sixth graders understand theological principles River Oaks Community Church believes are foundational for students and their faith. We try to make this class engaging, informative, and fun. For students who attend 80% of the classes and complete the needed work, they have the opportunity to become members of the church.


Students are expected to complete portions of the lessons prior to coming to class on Sunday mornings using the workbook. There is a place at the end of each lesson where parents/guardians are asked to initial to indicate that they are aware of the lesson’s completion. Please encourage your student to complete the lessons so that they will learn the basics of our faith, be more confident in sharing in class, and most importantly, develop a growing relationship with Jesus. We know things can come up preventing students from completing a lesson occasionally; we still want them to come to class.


Students should bring a copy of the Understanding the Faith workbook and copy of the Westminster Shorter Catechism (both are provided on their first day of class), and their Bible.


If you have questions regarding this class, contact our Youth Pastor, Brian Edmonds.


For Parents




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