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Our goal is to glorify God and equip students to remain rooted in their faith.

ROCC Youth Vision Statement: 
Our student ministry is dedicated to creating authentic environments for students to connect with God in a powerful way to be fully equipped to step into life beyond our ministry.

We fulfill this by helping "pack the bags" of our students to better send them off into life beyond our ministry!

Salvation - we want every student to have chances to have chances to hear the Gospel story and changes to respond to the Holy Spirit working in their life.
Personal Spiritual Disciplines - we want students to engage with God by reading His Word, have active prayer lives, to know how to evangelize in corporate worship, etc. We not only teach on spiritual disciplines but we also provide opportunities to occasionally make space for these disciplines to be practiced.
Biblical Understanding - we want students to be very familiar with the Bible, the books of the Bible, the characters of the BIlbe and how they are a part of God's story.
Willingness to Share Their Faith - It's okay for students who are new to the faith to consume church but at some point we want every student to be ready and prepared to share the hope they have with their friends, family, and peers! We believe that having a heart for evangelism is the best next step to take!
A Need for Christian Community - We want students to know that watching a sermon online is good and listening to a podcast can help them grow but that there is something special that happens when God's people meet together. We try to instill in our students that they must seek out a church and/or campus ministry to find believers who can spur them onward in their faith once they head off to college!

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At ROCC Youth, students experience Gospel-centered teaching and authentic worship.

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On Sunday afternoon, at ROCC Youth, students experience Gospel-centered teaching and authentic worship. There is also an allotted time for students to break into small groups, be prayed for, and “do life” with their peers and small group leaders. We also offer Sunday school for both middle and high school students during the 9:15 am service on Sunday mornings in Classrooms 3 and 4. Students can take their faith to the next level by joining a d:Group (discipleship group). d:Groups meet throughout the week during the school year and cover various books of the Bible or topical studies.


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