These eBooks are authored by Pastor David Beaty and are available free of charge. Paper copies are available at the Resource Center on Sunday mornings.


Biblical fasting can help free us from things that have an inordinate and inappropriate hold upon our lives so that we can live more fully for the glory of God.



Understanding the Trinity

A good understanding of the biblical teaching about the Trinity is essential for a growing relationship with God. Grasping what Scripture teaches about our triune God can lead us to greater gratitude for our salvation and deeper joy in our spiritual growth.



Why We Need the Old Testament

Given the trouble that many have had reconciling the Old and New Testaments, should we consider the Old Testament as no longer worth our study? Should we "unhitch" from it and just focus on the New Testament? No. We don't need to unhitch from Old Testament—we need to understand it.




The message of Jesus’ provision for our salvation is often called the “gospel”—a word that means “good news” or “good message.” The responsibility and privilege of sharing the gospel is given to every single follower of Jesus Christ in every generation.



Biblical Meditation

Biblical meditation is one of the most valuable practices God has given us to enrich our fellowship with Him. This neglected discipline can renew our love for Scripture, empower our prayers, and bring new joy to our communion with the Lord.




Marriage is not seen by many in the U.S. to be the exclusive domain for sex and living together. To maintain that it is may seem unreasonable, unwise, and even legalistic to many people. The culture has changed. So why not accept the new reality as acceptable for Christians? Because God has a better way for his people.