Innovation Fund

    06.29.18 | Innovation Fund by Andrew Wild


    The ROCC the World Innovation Fund (RWIF) provides seed funding for new, creative ways to build followers of Jesus who are sent to reach others in every corner of our community and world. The purpose of RWIF is to inspire, encourage, and financially support a culture that dreams big for God and is willing to act on those dreams.

    RWIF offers funding on a one-time basis to support new ideas, new practices, or novel changes to innovate ROCC’s Kingdom work.

    What: “Innovation” means the introduction or implementation of new ideas, new practices, or novel changes in methods to reach people who are not currently being reached through ministry at ROCC. RWIF supports ministry initiatives that reach beyond planned activities and previously budgeted items/events.

    RWIF may provide between $100 and $10,000 for innovative opportunities to reach God’s people.


    How: To propose an innovation and apply for funding, please submit a written proposal (up to 2 pages, single-spaced) to Andrew Wild, Executive Pastor. The proposal should include:

    • What’s the big idea?
    • Why do it? Who will be reached?
    • How will it be accomplished? (Consider aspects/needs such as location, volunteers, marketing, staging logistics, etc.)
    • When do you propose it be done?
    • How much money is needed? (Outline the proposed budget in as much detail as possible. This may be done on a 3rd page and attached to the 2-page proposal.)
    • How will we measure success?


    Awarding RWIF Grants:

    • Andrew Wild will review all proposals/requests for Innovation Funds.
    • As needed, Andrew will consult with a RWIF Committee to make funding decisions.
    • Decisions to provide Innovation Funds will be communicated within two weeks of receipt of a request (unless otherwise communicated to the requestor).


    Evaluating Outcomes:

    • The RWIF recipient will provide regular expense and progress reports to Andrew Wild. The frequency of these reports will be determined at the time the request is approved.
    • All RWIF grants and all project outcomes will be reported to the Session.
    • Andrew will work with innovators to contemplate how successful ideas can be transformed into repeatable, renewable opportunities for The Kingdom.

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