We care about you and we want to support and encourage you in any way that we can. Whether it's a prayer request, a need for counseling, or a hospital visit, we're here for you.

If you have an interest in being on our Prayer Team, Meal Ministry Team, or any of our Congregational Care Ministry Teams, we would love to talk to you. Please send Associate Pastor Sonny Flowers an email and he'll get back with you promptly.

Pastoral Care

If you need pastoral care, simply use the Congregational Care Request form and choose "Pastoral Care" from the drop-down menu and a pastor will be in touch with you soon. If you need immediate care, please call the church office at 336.766.0033. If it is after-hours or on the weekend, use extension 1004 and leave a voicemail. A pastor will contact you as soon as possible.



We all have emotional needs, and can usually lean on family, friends, or members of our small group. However, there are times when problems are more complicated and we need the guidance of a professional. When that is the case, River Oaks can aid you in finding trained, Christian counselors.

For details and fee information, please call the Christian counselors at Surecord at 336.712.2828, or call the church office at 336.766.0033.


We are encouraged to communicate with God through prayer. God invites us to pray for each other, and there are many at River Oaks who will gladly bring your requests before God. River Oaks has prayer teams who intercede regularly for the people of our church and for our community. If you have a special need or circumstance that you would like someone to pray let us know.


Congregational Care Resources

Congregational Care Request Form

Support Groups


DivorceCare’s life-changing support groups welcome people and guide them on the path of recovery after separation or divorce. Over 1 million people have found comfort and hope through this 13-week, video-based series. River Oaks hosts a DivorceCare group once per year. Please use the DivorceCare website to search and see if River Oaks is currently hosting, and if not, whether a group may be meeting at another location near you.



GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. River Oaks hosts a GriefShare group once per year. Please use the GriefShare website to search and see if River Oaks is currently hosting, and if not, whether a group may be meeting at another location near you.


Men's Service Team and Helping Hands

The River Oaks Men’s Service Team provides two types of community service. On the third Saturday of each month, the team meets to work on more significant projects; construction, local ministry support, disaster relief, and the like.  In addition, a members support service—Helping Hands Ministry—has been implemented to better serve our members in an ongoing manner.  These might include simple household maintenance and repairs (changing bulbs and filters, addressing minor leaks, completing one-time yard tasks, etc.). The Helping Hands Team is ready to serve you.

If you are interested in serving on the Men's Service Team as a volunteer, please use the "Ask to Join Men's Service Team" button. If you have a need in your home that you would like the Helping Hands ministry to help you with please use the "Helping Hands Request Form" button.