Current Series


A 10-week overview on the book of Isaiah.

Experiencing Renewal

A 4-part teaching series on how you can experience spiritual renewal using the prayers of the apostle Paul that are found in the Bible. 

United: Life in the Body of Christ

In this sermon series, we will study the first letter to the Corinthians. In this challenging and timely letter, we pray that the inspired words of Paul strengthen our resolve for Biblical unity. May our unity be rooted in humility, selflessness, truth, and love!

Missions Sunday 2023

This worship service is our annual International Missions Emphasis Sunday. It includes music, prayer, and updates on various mission efforts that River Oaks Community Church is involved with.

Youth Sunday 2023

This Sunday is Youth Sunday. The elements in this week's service will be lead by the youth at River Oaks. This worship service includes music, prayer, the reading of God's Word, and a message from Rony Hakeem.

Truth + Love

Holding Fast to God's Truth with Love for All People


When Life Doesn't Seem Fair

Sing Too

Singing is not only modeled for us throughout Scripture, it is also commanded. There are over fifty direct commands to sing to God. God gives very clear guidance regarding what He desires for us to do with this capacity he gave us to sing.