Sermons in: Letters To Timothy

August 19, 2018
How to Deal with Adversity
Speaker: Andrew Wild

Adversity is a life experience common to everyone. When the heat of...

August 05, 2018
Finishing Your Race
Speaker: David Beaty

In what we believe to be the apostle Paul’s last letter in Scripture...

July 29, 2018
An All-Scripture Faith
Speaker: David Holcomb

What we believe about the Bible is what we believe about God. It’s one...

July 22, 2018
Pursue, Flee, and Fight
Speaker: David Beaty

In 1 Timothy chapter 6, God gives us three commands—to pursue, to flee...

July 08, 2018
Fullness in Him
Speaker: Corey Mitchell

This sermon addresses how materialism only leads to ruin and a deeper...

July 01, 2018
First of All–Pray
Speaker: David Beaty

If we believe that Scripture is inspired by God (and we do at River...

June 17, 2018
Life of a Leader
Speaker: Sonny Flowers

In this message, we will explore the qualifications of leaders in the...