Sermons in: Soul Shaping

March 31, 2019
Speaker: David Beaty

Scripture refers to God as “the God of Peace,” and one of Jesus’ titles...

March 24, 2019
Capturing Thoughts
Speaker: David Beaty

Why is our thought life, rather than just our actions, important to...

March 17, 2019
Speaker: David Beaty

Our sins are forgiven when we come to God through faith in Jesus. Yet...

February 24, 2019
Speaker: David Beaty

Have you ever thought about your motives in things like giving and...

February 17, 2019
Speaker: David Beaty

Does the Bible give us guidance for dealing with an over-scheduled...

February 10, 2019
Silence and Solitude
Speaker: David Beaty

What do silence and solitude have to do with spiritual growth? This...

February 03, 2019
O My Soul
Speaker: David Holcomb

We use “soul language” in many ways, yet most followers of Jesus have...