Shadows Become Substance

Series: One Story - Part 3: Gospels and Acts - Epistles

Shadows Become Substance

November 15, 2020 | David Beaty

Some people view the Old and New Testaments as two unrelated, or even contradictory, books. But the Book of Hebrews brings them together in the One who is the “Substance” of the “Shadows”—Jesus Christ. This message explores how to respond to what Jesus has done for us.

Series Information

In this third and final volume, the substance we have in Christ is revealed! The new covenant of the law, the ultimate deliverance from sin, the once-for-all atonement sacrifice…. these—and all the other shadows—are made incarnate, fully-human and fully-divine, as the advent of Jesus introduces us to the section of the One Story we refer to as the New Testament.

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