Sermons in: One Story Part 3 Gospels And Acts Epistles

December 27, 2020
God's Final Invitation
Speaker: Brian Edmonds

Our God delights in inviting the people of the world to come and be...

November 22, 2020
Living Faith
Speaker: David Beaty

What does it really mean to have faith in Jesus? Is it possible to...

November 15, 2020
Shadows Become Substance
Speaker: David Beaty

Some people view the Old and New Testaments as two unrelated, or even...

November 08, 2020
Philemon and the Love Test
Speaker: David Beaty

Is there someone who has wronged you, and it seems unreasonable, or...

November 01, 2020
In The Last Days
Speaker: David Beaty

The Bible warns us of “times of difficulty” in the last days. But it...

October 18, 2020
The Second Coming of Christ
Speaker: David Beaty

How should Christians anticipate the return of Jesus Christ? Should we...

October 11, 2020
Put on the New Self
Speaker: David Beaty

Those who embrace the saving lordship of Jesus Christ receive a new...