Current Series

United: Life in the Body of Christ

In this sermon series, we will study the first letter to the Corinthians. In this challenging and timely letter, we pray that the inspired words of Paul strengthen our resolve for Biblical unity. May our unity be rooted in humility, selflessness, truth, and love!


Luke is convinced of his calling to provide an orderly account so that all who read it can be certain of what is faithfully preached and taught about Jesus Christ. Luke writes with a passion for strengthening our faith and assuring us of the truth of the Gospel.

How to Pray

This series is designed to build your understanding and practice of prayer.

Dealing with Disruptions

Understanding Mary's response to an angel visiting her, as recorded in the Gospel of Luke, can help us to better deal with disruptions in our own lives.

Advent 2021

Our Advent sermon series in 2021 is focused on the first two chapters of the Gospel according to Luke.


The Church is called to be united in Christ, united for mission, and united with one another.


Getting in touch with the heart of God.


The Power of Biblical Blessing to Shape Our Lives