Sermons in: Certainty

April 02, 2023
Jesus on the Cross
Speaker: David Beaty

Why was Jesus crucified? Was it God's will? Is there anything we should...

March 26, 2023
Jesus on Trial
Speaker: Andrew Wild

In this message, we take a look at a courtroom drama with high stakes...

February 26, 2023
Jesus is the Cornerstone
Speaker: David Beaty

Jesus was rejected by many of the religious leaders of his time. Yet he...

February 19, 2023
Simply Stewards
Speaker: David Beaty

We visually associate the word "stewardship" with an appeal to give...

February 05, 2023
Two Kinds of People
Speaker: David Holcomb

There are approximately 40 unique parables Jesus uses throughout the...

November 06, 2022
Money & Eternity
Speaker: David Beaty

Some of the most challenging words about money in all of Scripture came...