Sermons in: One Story Part 1 Law And History

April 26, 2020
For Such a Time as This
Speaker: David Beaty

The Book of Esther does not mention God in any of its ten chapters, yet...

April 19, 2020
Jesus the Rebuilder
Speaker: Sonny Flowers

We find Nehemiah continuing the work of God, rebuilding His people...

April 05, 2020
Reviving Worship
Speaker: David Beaty

The Book of Ezra may seem like nothing more than an interesting account...

March 08, 2020
The Cycle of Judges
Speaker: David Beaty

Why is there so much violence and bloodshed in the Old Testament? This...

February 23, 2020
Why God Gave Laws
Speaker: Andrew Wild

If Christians are people of the Bible, and the Bible has over 600 laws...